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Hayes Park School


As ever, pupils, parents and staff say it best:

Pupils (from questionnaire 2023)

‘I am very pleased with this school.  The teachers are amazing and there is a variety of clubs!’

‘I think the school is a perfect school.  I love this school.’

 ‘This school gives every child the opportunity to participate in something (e.g. sports teams) and they solve any problems that may be bothering you and they have given us a school dog – Wilma.’

‘This school provides pupils with a loving environment.’

‘I think this school has a mixed variety of subjects and everyone has different backgrounds which is very nice. All students and teachers are friendly.’


Parents/Carers (from questionnaire 2023)

‘Head teacher is brilliant.  Teachers are as well.  Excellent school and very good communication from teachers.  All staff are very friendly and helpful.  My children have been at the school for years and no problems.  Would definitely recommend to other parents as it’s an outstanding and very friendly school.  5 stars.’

‘Great leadership and fantastic provisions at the school.  Lots of opportunities for the pupils and support for the parents.  Great communication about my children’s learning and other extra curriculum events.  Very organised and encouraging environment.’


Staff (from questionnaire 2023)

‘Leaders make well-informed decisions, are proactive, approachable and available to listen and support pupils, staff and parents.’

‘I feel that I am listened to and my hard work acknowledged.  I feel I am given opportunities to develop myself professionally and contribute towards the development of the school.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’

‘The ethos and culture that has been carefully created across the school amongst staff and pupils is one of mutual respect, compassion and high aspirations.  Leaders at the school listen, care and have a positive impact on pupils, families and staff.  The result of this is that pupils make good progress, attain well and staff turnover is low. It is a privilege to be part of the Hayes Park team.’

‘Hayes Park is a great school.  It is led by a forward-thinking head and SLT, who inspire pupils and staff to strive for success.  Innovations and CPD are based on research and are based on our school data and needs of the pupils.  Time is given to embedding any new idea and staff are encouraged to reflect regularly on what they do.  Staff opinions are valued and they feel respected.  The school provides many opportunities for our pupils, who feel safe and happy.  All staff put the pupils at the heart of everything they do and it shows.’

‘I am so happy at Hayes Park. And find everyone respectful, friendly and caring.  The school ensures the wellbeing of staff and pupils and offers great opportunities for pupils to succeed.’