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Hayes Park School


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Hayes Park School. The school is a vibrant, inclusive learning community and is a fantastic place to work and learn.

At our heart is the vision to prepare children for life-long learning through our PREP values (Perseverance, Respect, Excellence and Partnership). The achievement and progress of our pupils at the end of key stage two is above the national average (and in many cases significantly above); please see our results page for further details. Key to this is the priority given to early reading and our excellent early years provision as the foundation of learning.

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Mrs Broadhurst
Head teacher

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  • We actively seek feedback from our whole community.  Here is what they say...
  • 'This school makes me brave.' (pupil)
  • 'The school has done well in having someone I can speak to when I am worried.  I can also walk Wilma, the school dog.' (pupil)
  • 'Brilliant facilities and opportunities for my child at HPS.  Excellent communication.  The most important thing for us as parents is that the children enjoy school and that is most definitely the case here.' (parent/carer)
  • 'Hayes Park School is vibrant and colourful.  Teachers are very supportive and my child feels happy and safe at this school.' (parent/carer)
  • 'I am proud to come to school each day and call myself a member of staff at HPS.  All staff are friendly; we are a team!  Leaders are mindful and care about workload.  This is a fabulous place to work and equally a fantastic place to send your children' (staff member)
  • 'Yesterday I took a group of year 6 students plus two staff to Brunel sports centre.  I just wanted to let you know that it was an absolute pleasure having these students on the minibus.  Their behaviour was impeccable and each and every one of them was so polite, even thanking me when they got off the vehicle.  It was so nice to hear.' (driver from Hillingdon Community Transport)